Our center offers workshops in Israel.

For clients coming from out of Israel, Gyro-Kinetics center offers a special Individual Workshop. This workshop, lasts 5 working days, {Sunday-Thursday] each of 2-2.5 hours.

In order to participate in the Individual workshop with Alex Kerten, you have to take the on-line assessment session.

Alex Kerten has helped thousands of Parkinson people obtain their well being, with an unconventional Mind-Body integration that is gaining international attention.

Starting today we can help you too.

Alex in His Own Words
I’m a specialist in the physiology of behavior. The physiology of behavior means that our behavior patterns are based on how our nervous system reacts to situations.

Our biochemistry and our psychology start to change as we learn to control our way of thinking. They begin to interact through body/mind awareness and language, and when they do that, we begin to see a change in our physiology. And that’s when we begin to feel better!

My gift is my ability to look at people and, based on their behavior, understand if they are balanced in mind and body. I know how to look at a person and by observing the way he breaths, the way he sits, what he does with his hands, how he speaks, how he looks and his body rhythms, I’m able to assess and understand what his problems are. That’s because he is telling me what his story is through his body language.

These are stories that their brain passes down to them from past experiences…and their future expectations of what Parkinson’s is going to do to them. Most of my clients are stuck inside these stories until there comes a certain point in our sessions when they realize something. Then I see a change. The client looks at me differently, and I see a change in their body language, in their chest, abdomen and eyes as it becomes clear to them. “Wow, it is so obvious now. I brought Parkinson’s upon myself.”

The chronic behavior patterns we’ve created bring us to a place where Parkinson’s is best suited. Although one can develop PD through genetics or from being poisoned and unbalanced biologically, PD today is widely known to be a chronic disease. Therefore we first have to look into the chronic behavior patterns we’ve developed in order to begin diminishing the effects of PD on our bodies.

That’s when we can go to work, and I can provide the tools to teach and guide the client out of their Parkinson’s behavior. If we don’t get to that place where we take responsibility for our own behavior, then it will always be a case of one step forward, one back – a constant zig zag. We must realize that medication, with its side effects, will not cure PD, but only delay it.

With the Gyro Kinetics method, we build a personalized treatment plan that suits your individual needs and characteristics.
Building the program includes an initial meeting with method developer Alex Kerten. In this session each patient undergoes a comprehensive diagnosis that examines his physiological and behavioral state: posture, motor abilities, breathing and rhythm, speech, facial expressions, concentration, trembling or stagnation, mood, willpower and behavioral patterns of Parkinson’s disease.

Carefully examining these characteristics and analyzing them allows you to create a treatment plan tailored to the patient’s personal needs in the best possible way, thus maximizing results.

Many patients who are unaware of their true condition acquire excessive behavioral habits, more than their actual condition, which can harm unnecessarily. The diagnostic results presented to the patient help them and us to understand and understand the true physical situation, thereby facilitating the process of healing and healing, regaining lost function, improving the existing condition, and delaying the deterioration process.

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