The Gyro-Kinetics Center

The Gyro-Kinetics Center

At the center our team treats and guides Parkinson patients from Israel on a weekly basis.

We offer a special planed Individual one week workshop for people coming from other countries.

At the G.K center Alex Kerten and his staff, present the breakthrough technique which combines a “Different way of thinking and understanding” of the chronic physical behavior patterns characteristic to Parkinson’s disease.

Alex’s method will guide the Parkinson patient to become a “Parkinson Warrior” in order to succeed in eliminating many, if not most of the Parkinson symptoms and empower one’s Well-being .

The techniques used in the G.K center:

Behavior modification, Mind-Body Integration, Arts of structuring and healing movements….Movement. Rhythm. Expression. Energy

Acting, Conducting, Free Dancing, the power of Music and techniques used in Martial arts.

The Gyro-Kinetics sessions and workshop

A program especially suited for your needs:

1- You will learn to get your mind and body Integrated to function in harmony; weaken and delay chronic Parkinson behavior patterns from progressing.

2- You will become aware, and entrain your body movements, rhythms, expressions and energy  to increased versatility.

3- Arts of structuring movements, music, free dancing, conducting, acting will integrate and provide a complete work-out for your well-being.

4- You will learn to incorporate these lessons into your life until it becomes 1st. nature.     If you don’t use it…You will lose it.

5- You will become aware to your body-language, movements, rhythms, expressions, energy which will lead to increased versatility and a more diverse repertoire of movements.

Failure is not an option!

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