The Book

The book: Goodbye Parkinson’s, Hello life!
About the Authors
Alex Kerten has been researching anatomy and the physiology of behavior for over 30 years and treats clients with movement disorders, specializing in Parkinson’s disease. Alex is the founder and director of the Gyro-Kinetics Center in Raanana, Israel.
David Brinn is the managing editor of The Jerusalem Post, Israel’s leading English newspaper. A native of Portland, Maine, he lives now in Ma’aleh Adumim, Israel.

Goodbye Parkinson’s, Hello Lifein Other languages:
The original book was written in English by Alex Kerten and David Brinn.
Since it was at the top list of best-sellers at Amazon, the book was translated to Hebrew, Italian, and Spanish.

The translated books:

Hebrew: להיפרד מפרקינסון, לבחור בחיים! בהוצאת אור עם

Italian: Parkinson

Spanish: Adios Al Parkinson, Vuelta a la Vida

Gyro Kinetics Method was developed in order to weakening Chronic Parkinson symptoms and reclaim your Well-being.

Your behavior has become Parkinson’s. It is marked on your body and fueled by scripts and stories generated in your mind that produce energetic emotions that cause you to behave the Parkinson victim that you are becoming.

It is time to stop! There is an alternative to the behavior of stress and fear.

Instead you can learn to be a Parkinson Warrior and break out of the harmful, chronic habits that have been slowly forming.

You are going to learn about your body’s movements, rhythms, expressions, energy and pay attention to your body-language.

By changing your script and weakening your stress and fear, you can bring yourselves to a place where your natural movements, body-language and energy will dominate Parkinson’s behavior patterns.

It is much easier to behave like a sick patient than it is to behave like a “Healthy Warrior”. With dedication and the right attitude you can undo the chronic habitual behavior that your scripts and Parkinson’s have thrust upon you.

You may put your faith in the doctors or religion, but you must take on the responsibility and put faith in the power of nature which is in yourselves.

This is what Goodbye Parkinson’s, Hello Life! Is all about…!

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