New Testimonials from clients 2020

Alex Kerten is The best public expert on Parkinson’s disease in the world. It’s not so much what he knows, which is truly remarkable, it’s The way he says it and what he chooses to say.

I love His passion, his honesty, his refusal to sugarcoat information, and many more things. Most experts are afraid to really speak their mind. Not Alex. Most experts are afraid of revealing too much because they might be blamed if something goes wrong. Not Alex.

Most experts are dull and not passionate about their area of expertise. Not Alex. Experts often convey information in such a way that patients can’t use much. Not Alex. Alex doesn’t mess around. He knows what he’s talking about and he tells us very clearly. It is quite obvious that he does this for our benefit, not his. Ultimately, that’s what makes him the very best. This is a true expert. One that probably makes other experts feel threatened because Alex forces them to improve and to View things in a new way. Thank you so much.

-Gavin Mogan

If you read Alex Kerten and David Brinn’s book “GOODBYE PARKINSON’S – HELLO LIFE” you will learn, that Alex Kerten for over 30 years, never had been working with patients but works with clients! 

It’s about taken your life into your own hands. Get the best out of the day, self-care, believing, fighting, it is hard work!

Find the balance and the middle, control your mind and feel your body, feel good….there are worse things out there than Parkinson’s, use the energy, the positive energy, the positive potential energy…. life is good.. even with PD!

-E.I. Denmark


Working with Alex Kerten has transformed my life in many ways. He has a unique understanding of Parkinson’s and the experience of Parkinson people, but his Gyro-Kinetics method addresses much more than Parkinson’s disease. In our sessions he is inspiring, humorous, and supportive, but also challenging and stern. Beware: this approach requires a strong commitment and serious effort.

-M.D.K The Netherlands

From Clients and Doctors

“I met Alex Kerten because of my patients.

I was working with Parkinson’s patients as part of a fellowship I was granted on Parkinson’s and Movement at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv in 2000 under the guidance of Prof. Nir Giladi, a world renowned authority in the field of movement disorders.

Some of my patients told me that they were also attending sessions at something called the Gyro–Kinetics clinic which was founded and run by Alex. I had no idea what they were talking about.

But, as more and more patients explained to me that the Gyro-Kinetics treatment was changing how they felt, and as I saw this improvement with my own eyes, I decided to go see for myself what they were talking about.

I made an appointment and went to Gyro-Kinetics, met and spoke with Alex and asked him if I could observe what he does. I watched his sessions with his clients and saw his integration of movement, music and the physiology of behavior.

I was very impressed and immediately and intuitively realized that it was the correct approach and a fantastic development for Parkinson’s sufferers.

It’s been proven scientifically that movement and music open up new pathways in the neural networks, lubricates them and enables them to work more efficiently. Alex, one of the pioneers in this field, took that concept and created something strikingly original and tremendously effective.”

–Dr. Marieta Anca-Herschkovitsch
Neurologist and the head of Movement Disorder Clinic at the Edith Wolfson Medical Center, Holon, Israel

From Clients

“Since I started practicing Gyro-kinetics about 3 years ago, my condition has improved dramatically: my daily function has improved, I have become very aware of my body and at work I am as creative as I ever been. My doctor sums up my condition as an ongoing honeymoon.”
–Y.L. Film Director

“The Gyro-kinetics method gave me a real sense of security. I feel that I am in safe hands. Alex Kerten, in my opinion, understands the Parkinson Disease through and through and knows how to control its effects.”
–S.K. Psychotherapist

“Alex Kerten’s program showed me that there is hope, that there are possibilities to improve, and techniques to use. I only regret not having discovered it earlier. I wish the neurologists that I’ve visited possessed half the compassion that Alex shows through the dedication and countless hours he’s invested in his work.”
–D.C. Psychotherapist

“As Tel Aviv director of the Israel Parkinson’s Association, I meet with new members and offer advice. One of the first things I suggest is a visit to Alex, because I’ve found that he has solutions to 99% of the problems they are encountering.

I’ve been using the Gyro–Kinetics method for four years, and it gives me so much hope. I arrive there as a sick person, and I leave as a healthy person. It’s having Parkinson’s but feeling like you don’t have Parkinson’s.

I wait every week for those one or two hours with him–it’s something magical. Because we Parkinson’s patients don’t have hope for ridding ourselves of the disease, I would wholeheartedly recommend Alex’s treatment in order to minimize the disease’s effect.”

–Yehudit Raz Director of the Tel Aviv chapter of the Israel Parkinson’s Association

From Doctors

“You CAN be a healthy person with Parkinson’s! It’s a very, very important concept that I learned from Alex, and I tell it to my patients all the time.”
–Marieta Anca-Herschkovitsch
Head of the Movement Disorder Clinic, Edith Wolfson Medical Center, Holon, Israel

“Alex Kerten is a pioneer in the field of movement therapy for Parkinson’s patients. Only now is the importance of what he does becoming apparent.”
–Moshe Kushnir
Retired Head of Neurology, Kaplan Medical Center, Rehovot, Israel

“Alex Kerten has given an answer to Parkinson’s conditions for which there are there are no answers in any other kind of treatment. This method is meant to be instead of conventional treatment but to complement it, and it does that beautifully. But it also gives an answer to aspects of the symptoms that conventional treatment has been unable to. He strengthens not only patients’ motor skills but their confidence in themselves. I would recommend anyone with signs of Parkinson’s to try Alex’s methods.”
–Zeev Nitzan
Neurologist, Barzilai Medical Center, Ashkelon, Israel

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