Our questionnaire

Before working with a client, Alex Kerten needs to get basic information, in order to see if the Gyro-Kinetics method will be beneficial for you.

Please fill the Questionnaire 

    Is it clear to you that medication will not solve your problems because the more you take the more side-effects you might have?

    Is it clear to you that it is your responsibility to your behavior patterns and that you have to communicate with your body systems, movements, rhythms and body expressions in order to make radical changes?

    Only then, will medication be more effective and you might even take less.

    What are your expectations and how would you like to see yourself after taking responsibility to your physical condition and being methodically guided, taught, and given tools towards a better standard of living!

    You have to understand that making physical behavior changes is hard work and it is your responsibility to do hard work and our responsibility to give you all desired tools.
    Please inform us about above mentioned and if you have any further questions you would like to ask.

    Thanking you in advance.

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