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On-line sessions with Alex Kerten:

When you first went to a doctor and he examined you, he probably said:
“I’m sorry to say that you have Parkinson’s disease which is progressive and in most cases your symptoms are going to get worse over time.”
There is medication which will delay the process, but not cure it. There is addiction and side effects to medication.
Very soon your behavior has become Parkinson’s and you have become a victim of the disease.
In most cases the doctors and physical therapists will refer to you and treat you as a Parkinson disease person.
But… there is another way! There are options to weaken the disease before it over-rules you!
Yes, it is time for you to say: Stop!
There is an alternative to the behavior patterns of Parkinson’s disease. You don’t have to follow the script that fell upon you.
You can learn to be a “Parkinson Warrior” and break out of the harmful habits that have been slowly forming.
You can put faith in doctors, but, you must take responsibility and put more faith in yourself!
You can change your relationship with your doctor. Not as a desperate patient looking for a miracle cure, but as someone in control of the situation who needs some help. At that stage the medication prescribed will be more effective and beneficial.
Alex will provide you with the tools, techniques, exercises and Mind-Body Integration in order to teach and guide you out of the chronic Parkinson behavior patterns and show you how to “Stop” collaborating with the Parkinson syndrome.

The Questionnaire
Before working with a client, Alex Kerten needs to get basic information, in order to see if the Gyro-Kinetics method will be beneficial for the Parkinson person.


Assessment session
Before having therapy sessions, Alex asks the Parkinson person questions in order to verify in what stage of the disease he is. In many cases it can be Parkinsonism where a lot can be done in order to delay the disease from progressing and limiting the amount of medication.

Alex checks your actions and reactions while referring to your:
Movements…Body Rhythms, Expressions, Synchronicity between your thoughts and speech…Body-language, Posture and Balance.

Thereafter Alex will set up a program especially suited for your needs.


Online Therapy sessions with Alex


– Assessment meeting: $330 USD
– Therapy session: $160 USD

To book a meeting or session, please visit our Calendly page at, choose the desired meeting type and follow the instructions. You will be redirected to a Paypal payment page, where payment will be collected to complete the booking process (this is a mandatory step).

*Our shift to Calendly is part of our attempts to optimize the booking process, be more efficient and save time for you.
Please take into account that this is a pilot — we are not expecting issues, yet we are available for you via email in case of any problem.

For regular communications with the center:
Please use +972-54-9307303, which is now our WhatsApp Business number.
Alternatively, you can call our office at +972-9955-4071.


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