Method & Exercises

The Method

Gyro-Kinetic method is not simply a series of exercises and activities that can be pulled out from time to time… they have to become a way of life.

You have to understand and believe that in order to overcome Parkinson behavior patterns you have to communicate through your body by synchronized Movements, Rhythms, Expressions and Energy.


Movement Inventory

Sessions and Exercises:

*You will learn Mind-Body Integration in order to weaken and delay chronic Parkinson behavior patterns.

*You will become aware to your body language, shapes and expressions, leading to increased versatility and a more diverse repertoire of movement combinations.

*You will learn sets of movements that when repeated rhythmically to the accompaniment of music will provide a complete work out for the different body systems.

*You will be taught “Physiology of Behavior’ and how your different body systems interrelate and entrain.

*You will learn to integrate these lessons into your life, until it becomes you first nature.

The exercises include:

Speaking rhythmically … Speaking and body language (expression)*

*Rhythmic breathing in order to speak clearly, be expressive and create dynamic energy.

*Arts of movement in order to have a big movement inventory in one’s daily demands:  Walk… Get up / Sit down… Enter a car … get dressed and more.

*Arts of movement include: Free dancing…Conducting … Acting …Music

In order to empower your well-being:

Movement, Rhythm, Expression and Energy.

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